Sunday, October 14, 2007

Defense of the Century

So this past weekend, I skipped work and travelled to Utah for some special events. The first was my master's thesis defense. The night before the defense, Jessica let me sleep on her awesome fold away couch. Thanks Jessica! It's just like home.I passed my defense, and my professors gave me so many positive comments. I was really grateful, especially after my existential crisis of job hunting in the few months before.

After the defense, I walked around campus. Everyone seemed so so young, despite the fact that I had been there the year before. I eventually found jon in a print lab.
I also found Rachel, which is always a good surprise.
After the defense and eating with friends, I went up to Salt Lake for Suzanne's wedding. I was really excited to see Suzanne, and here wedding was really beautiful. But I was also excited to see this guy.

I'm practically his godfather or something.
I enjoyed talking to his dad while we ate yummy thai.
At the reception the next day, they had awesome things that should be at more weddings. Like a soda fountain:
and yogurt covered gummy bears:

Stephanie asked me to take a picture of Suzanne's dress. I think that's here husband chatting it up next to her.
One of my favorite moments was the Heaton family tradition of putting on funny hats and dancing to "We are Family".
Afterwards, I hung out at Cindy's new pad with cool peeps.

When Marsha and Kristen showed up, that's when things started to get nuts.

So all in all, I had a great weekend. Thanks for all the cool friends in Utah who let me mooch off them. Be sure and come visit us in Seattle.