Monday, July 23, 2007


I have a secret.

I am leaving you this week.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Conspiracy Fest

So you may be wondering what could possibly bring such a fantastic photo about. Well, today I went to the Lavender festival in Mona, Utah, and as a part of it, there was a wild west shoot out. Overall, the acting was horrible and the guns were kind of wussy (except for the shotgun, that was awesome).

My favorite part however, was when some kid with his snow cone just walked onto set, not really caring that he was a part of the action. He just proceeded to eat his snow cone.

Here is the group that I was with: Dave, Nathaniel, Lil Emily, Mindy, Elin, (some girl whose name I didn't catch), and Danny (aka Denny).

There was cool stuff to do there like axe throwing and archery:

The worst idea was probably riding the barrel ride. In the first picture it looks like Nathaniel is having fun.

But in the second, you can tell that things are turning sour. This incident caused Nathaniel to have a headache for the rest of the day.

A Magneto-like helmet will cheer him up though.

So at the end of the day, we were thinking that the Young Living Family Farm was pretty cool. I mean, they have a wild west village plus a medieval village. Plus, kids seem to really like it. Then I took a trip inside of the visitors center. They had a bunch of health food supplement like stuff. At first I kind of just blew it off thinking that the owners are just a bunch of hippies or whatever.

Then, while I am inside I see free samples of this NingXia Red stuff (Which dave had about 8 of). The same stuff had been mentioned earlier in the wild west shoot out, but I wasn't really sure what they were talking about. Then it struck me. Young Living must be a multi-level marketing company. And it is.

Suddenly, the whole experience had changed. I felt like I was being duped...but I guess just a little bit. Because the day was still pretty fun.

Oh, it wouldn't be a lavender festival without this:

The Make a Wish Foundation

So one of Nathaniel's only Utah wishes was that he would be able to swim in Deer Creek. So today, me and elin helped him make his wish come true. We parked in that spot on the side of the road where you don't have to pay and went down the hill to the resevoir. The water was about 10 feet lower than it usually was, but there were still some good jumping spots. There were a lot of jet skis and boats out and about, we kept hoping that some lonely rich dude would come by and pick us up.

Afterwards we went at Granny's drive-in where we had to wait in line forever because of the family reunion that was in front of us. The food is pretty darn good there, and I ate lots of it, including a milk shake. And spent the rest of the day feeling a little sick.

How's that for a cautionary tale?

Thursday, July 5, 2007


So today I went to Lagoon cause Nathaniel was in town and I wanted to do it before I left this town.

We went with Lee and Lisa, who always complain that they have bad pictures of them, but I like this one.

This is the whole group: Ashleigh, Nathaniel, Mim, Christopher, Lee, and Lisa. We also briefly saw suzanne and her sister.

This is the colossus. I was totally scared of this ride when I was 10 (which is also the last time I went to Lagoon) but today it was really fun.

We rode the carousel sometime during the day. Nathaniel really liked his horse.

Lee and Lisa were trying to make out the whole time but couldn't get it down with the up and down motions of their horses.

The only picture of me in the day. I liked my horse.

Later on we rode the log flume ride. We were convinced that lots of weight would make it more fun, so we created "dude flume". It was pretty fun indeed.

Later on, I kept looking at Mim and she was practicing boxing on Chris.

When we first got to the park we went on Wicked. The beginning of this thing is amazing, you go straight up and then straight down and in the meantime look into the deep reaches of your soul.

Having 7 in our group sometimes caused some problems. So I sat this ride out and took a photo of some of our dudes.

Personal highlight of the day: We went to a show called Electric 80's which was a bunch of kids who weren't around in the 80's singing 80's songs. Anyway, the girl in blue came and sat next to me during one of the songs and called me "boyfriend". It was pretty awesome.

So to anyone: I highly encourage you to travel to Lagoon this summer, even if you are a hater. It is even better than I remember it 17 years ago.