Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Make a Wish Foundation

So one of Nathaniel's only Utah wishes was that he would be able to swim in Deer Creek. So today, me and elin helped him make his wish come true. We parked in that spot on the side of the road where you don't have to pay and went down the hill to the resevoir. The water was about 10 feet lower than it usually was, but there were still some good jumping spots. There were a lot of jet skis and boats out and about, we kept hoping that some lonely rich dude would come by and pick us up.

Afterwards we went at Granny's drive-in where we had to wait in line forever because of the family reunion that was in front of us. The food is pretty darn good there, and I ate lots of it, including a milk shake. And spent the rest of the day feeling a little sick.

How's that for a cautionary tale?


sugarcube said...

What, Lagoon day wasn't enough for Nathaniel? He had to go have more fun the next day while the rest of us went back to work.

Screw you, Nathaniel.

nathaniel said...

no lee, screw YOU