Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Good Friday!!

Hey dudes-

While all of you suckers were slaving away at your jobs. I was having the best Good Friday you could ever imagine. You see the thing with my job is that my company is based out of Dallas, and I guess good Friday is a big deal down there, and as a result, I didn't have to work.

So it started out with me getting a new job -- which was pretty awesome. I guess I won't get to enjoy any more Good Fridays off -- oh well, at least I won't hate my life that much.

Stephanie decided that I could do whatever I wanted, considering that it was my day off (she is so nice, she just finished her last day of school yesterday as well, but she wanted the holiday to be all mine). I jokingly said that I wanted breakfast in bed -- so she brought me hot chocolate and the peanut butter and jelly donut from Winchell's that I've been eyeing for months. She is pretty much the bomb dot com.

Then we went to Ikea and we bought a bunch of nick nacks that we didn't need. However, I did decide that I needed this organizer (it like I, was temporarily oversold):

Then, we went to eat lunch at the Australian Pie company. They are this fantastic place in Burien that makes Australian Meat Pies. After my mission I would wake up in the middle of the night craving these things.
Look at all those choices -- how is someone supposed to decide?

I got the beef, potato, and cheese pie. I was not disappointed:

We got a sausage roll for nostalgic purposes -- just as bad as I remember.

It makes me happy that Steph is into them:

After Burien, we went into the city and went to the Columbia Center, which is the tallest tower in Seattle.

The view from the bottom:
The view from the top:
Good Friday pretty much rules.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's

a classic:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Red Mill

Steph and I have been craving Red Mill Burgers for approximately 6 months now, and every week, she is disappointed that we don't get to go there. So tonight, post MOHAI, we headed up to Phinney Ridge and got our eat on.

I was first introduced to Red Mill a few years ago by Cindy and I have not looked back since. The last time I went was with Jared Clark and Jason Anderson. And Jason, despite being a vegetarian for the year prior to the Red Mill visit, totally downed a double bacon deluxe.

Stephanie played it safe with the regular deluxe....wuss!

I played it less safe by adding cheese. But I was immediately filled with guilt afterwards for not ordering the Bacon and Bleu Cheese Burger.

Notice that I am not a tomato or pickle guy -- so shoot me!

But I am a goopy kind of guy....mmmmmmmmm

If anyone wants to come and visit, I promise to take you there. But if you don't come, don't worry, because I probably still will end up going.

History and Industry

On Thursday night Steph, and I decided to resume our tour of free museum nights (the first thursday of each month) by attending the Museum of History and Industry, which coincidentally is the museum that my roommate Jane works at.

In boomtown, Stephanie attempted to hold up a bank.

Then she decided it might be better if she concealed the fact that her gun was really a finger. A wise crook.

Oh, no big deal, but this glue pot started the great fire of Seattle. Shame on you pot of glue!

Stephanie lost me for a while, only to find me making attempts to cut up this Salmon in record speed. Don't worry, I was pretty amazing.

Steph really liked this chair. Me too!

Wow, I have such a renewed appreciation of Washington history and industry -- thank you museum.


Last weekend my nephews and brother-in -law made an excursion over to Seattle to come see a free in-store at Easy Street Records with Tullycraft. My nephews were really excited about it.

Simon was really good at hiding his excitement and just playing it cool. Here he is post-stitches:

They both kept peeking under the rolling door and saying things like: "I think I saw a foot go past"

Simon is getting ready to Dance:

When they finally started playing, the boys no longer looked excited, but instead assumed the indifferent "too hip to get into it stance". Oh yeah, and there is Steve, taping.

Tullycraft are a lot of fun. I really like Sean, the lead singer, because I think him and Mary Cox should get married, and because he only really plays one string on his bass, and he probably hasn't changed those strings since I saw them in '97.

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Except for Simon, who I couldn't tell if he had fun, because he was way too cool to show it. Thanks Dudes.