Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our new blog

So I don't know if everyone knows this, but Steph and I started a new blog for our wedding and/or our future life together.  Use it to figure out how to get to our reception, learn about me and Steph, or send us a wedding gift via the internet.

Our wedding is from the future.  Check it out at

3 more weeks!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Before I became all domesticated, I used to pride myself on an ability to make a mean mix CD.  This was back when I still kept up with music and stuff, and I would enjoy giving these CDs to friends as birthday presents.  To try and keep sharing music in this digital age, I started a music blog which turned into a podcast.  And while that is fun and all, I still don't have the chance to share a shiny disc full of music with anyone.

Enter  I read about it on Wired this week.  And the site is pretty cool.  You can upload 12 songs and anyone can go listen to them like a complete mix CD.  I made my first tonight and maybe I will try to update in the future.  However, this means that I may actually have to try and find some new music.