Thursday, March 6, 2008


Last weekend my nephews and brother-in -law made an excursion over to Seattle to come see a free in-store at Easy Street Records with Tullycraft. My nephews were really excited about it.

Simon was really good at hiding his excitement and just playing it cool. Here he is post-stitches:

They both kept peeking under the rolling door and saying things like: "I think I saw a foot go past"

Simon is getting ready to Dance:

When they finally started playing, the boys no longer looked excited, but instead assumed the indifferent "too hip to get into it stance". Oh yeah, and there is Steve, taping.

Tullycraft are a lot of fun. I really like Sean, the lead singer, because I think him and Mary Cox should get married, and because he only really plays one string on his bass, and he probably hasn't changed those strings since I saw them in '97.

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Except for Simon, who I couldn't tell if he had fun, because he was way too cool to show it. Thanks Dudes.

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