Thursday, March 6, 2008

History and Industry

On Thursday night Steph, and I decided to resume our tour of free museum nights (the first thursday of each month) by attending the Museum of History and Industry, which coincidentally is the museum that my roommate Jane works at.

In boomtown, Stephanie attempted to hold up a bank.

Then she decided it might be better if she concealed the fact that her gun was really a finger. A wise crook.

Oh, no big deal, but this glue pot started the great fire of Seattle. Shame on you pot of glue!

Stephanie lost me for a while, only to find me making attempts to cut up this Salmon in record speed. Don't worry, I was pretty amazing.

Steph really liked this chair. Me too!

Wow, I have such a renewed appreciation of Washington history and industry -- thank you museum.


Jane Says said...

thanks for visiting! next time you come, i will give you a behind the scenes tour - which is even more fascinating!!

stephanie said...

I learned SO much at the museum. I'm a little embarrassed about that, because it means that I didn't know much about my state (or abt the Emancipation Proclamation) before going. By the way, I can't think of the Emancipation Proclamation without singing "conjunction junction" in my head.

Let's go again and get Jane's VIP tour.