Thursday, July 5, 2007


So today I went to Lagoon cause Nathaniel was in town and I wanted to do it before I left this town.

We went with Lee and Lisa, who always complain that they have bad pictures of them, but I like this one.

This is the whole group: Ashleigh, Nathaniel, Mim, Christopher, Lee, and Lisa. We also briefly saw suzanne and her sister.

This is the colossus. I was totally scared of this ride when I was 10 (which is also the last time I went to Lagoon) but today it was really fun.

We rode the carousel sometime during the day. Nathaniel really liked his horse.

Lee and Lisa were trying to make out the whole time but couldn't get it down with the up and down motions of their horses.

The only picture of me in the day. I liked my horse.

Later on we rode the log flume ride. We were convinced that lots of weight would make it more fun, so we created "dude flume". It was pretty fun indeed.

Later on, I kept looking at Mim and she was practicing boxing on Chris.

When we first got to the park we went on Wicked. The beginning of this thing is amazing, you go straight up and then straight down and in the meantime look into the deep reaches of your soul.

Having 7 in our group sometimes caused some problems. So I sat this ride out and took a photo of some of our dudes.

Personal highlight of the day: We went to a show called Electric 80's which was a bunch of kids who weren't around in the 80's singing 80's songs. Anyway, the girl in blue came and sat next to me during one of the songs and called me "boyfriend". It was pretty awesome.

So to anyone: I highly encourage you to travel to Lagoon this summer, even if you are a hater. It is even better than I remember it 17 years ago.


lisa said...

look at how bad that girl in blue wants you. she's so excited. she just can't hide it.

stephanie said...

that nathaniel is a b-a-b-e. or maybe i'm a sucker for guys who hug horses. or maybe i'm trying to make you jealous after that 80's singer comment.

seriously though, lagoon looks like a much better time than i ever took it for.

Cindy said...

Really, in that Nathaniel hugging the horse photo, you caught him thinking about me. What a great time you guys are having!

rob said...

yeah. I think I have definitely taken that place for granted. I mean they really do a horrible job of theming the place, but there were several times during the day when I was seriously terrified.

and don't worry about the 80's singer. I told her that she couldn't have me.

sugarcube said...

Not only was that babe into Rob, so was one of the 80s dudes. Then, some old-timer came and sat next to Rob.

Dude Flume.....for weight purposes.