Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update On Operations

So one thing with Mike leaving is that he bequeathed his Tracker vs. Monster 100oz truckers mug to me. My current goal has been to drink one of these full of water everyday in attempt to ward off any threats from my hereditary kidney stones. I have had to pee a lot as a result.

While doing that I've been trying to kick butt on my thesis which I have actually been doing quite well. There has been many days when I realize that I am the only person in the whole of the Brimhall. Oftentimes day or night, you can catch me looking at this thing, trying to make sense out of it. I dare you to take those numbers and write a thesis about them.

However, when I am not working on that or watching a Robert Redford movie (which I have been doing a lot of), I am usually kind of bored. Tonight was no exception -- I was looking for jobs on the internet while watching Cocoon (Yeah, I know -- pathetic) and then I found out these dudes were gonna be stopping through town.

I told Simon (the one on the left) about the White supremacist who killed that Prison guard, he was kind of fascinated by that. Especially cause he thought that the white supremacist was the one who had made Torsten's sandwich at Arby's earlier that day.

So, I'd say everything was in order.


stephanie said...

Poor Simon, I hope he can sleep at night despite your filling his head with prison break tales. Torsten is looking sharp, I dig the new hair.

rob said...

Jen said that Torsten's hair was super long just days before -- but they were off to see grandma -- it figures. The story behind Simon's haircut is that he wanted it to look like Peter Parker, pre-emo.