Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

So the research assistant leaves today (sad). But we have had some totally great times while she was here.

One night we decided that we wanted to play catch in the park, so we bought a ball and went to Nielsen's Grove Park in Orem. Stephanie is totally excited:

But when we get together we are totally serious.

It was kind of nice that night.

Then we also got to live like seven-year old kids and spend a day at seven peaks. It was so much fun. My major accomplishment for the day was going doing the boomerang backwards!! Stephanie subsequently found out that I scream like a girl.

Yesterday we left early to beat the heat and hiked a few miles from Aspen Grove to Stewart Falls. I was hoping that it would be flowing with Stewarts Key Lime Soda...but nope, just water.

Apparently Steph thought it was going to be one of those clean hikes, so she was a little disappointed by this.

Last night I decided to return for my second time in 6 years to the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti. The best part about the pageant is that you get to look at the temple for a few hours, oh, and it was beautiful outside.

There were so many Mormons there, us included.
You thought that was the end. There is more to come when I get some pictures from Steph's camera. Stay tuned.

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