Saturday, June 16, 2007

Snow Cone Blog (Genesis)

So last week Steph and I went to a reception in Salt Lake. Afterwards, we met up with Suzanne at Snoasis in Sandy. She claimed it was the best snow cone ever. When we got there, there was a line stretching through the parking lot which took a good half hour to get through. The Snow Cone was amazing. I got Tigers Blood -n- Cream. I have now taken it upon myself to take on a similar quest in Provo this summer (I really have nothing better to do). If anyone would like to be a contributing writer, please let me know.

First up:

Snow Shack
Corner of 3rd South and 6th East, Provo

I rode my bike to this one because it was super close to my house. When I got there, no one was inside, where upon a young man around the age of 14 jumped into the shack. I asked him what his favorite flavor was and he told me Mango-Orange. I ordered a small, which they were out of (this seems like a strange concept, go buy some more paper cups). I got a kiddie instead because I didn't feel like shelling out 3 bucks for shaved ice. I also asked for cream, but apparently they were out of that as well. When I got home, it looked like this:

Kind of pitiful, eh? It tasted pretty good, but it was super slushy. I probably will not be going back.

Ratings: (out of four)
Taste: *1/2
Service: *
Price: Kiddie ($1.50) to Large ($4.00)


nathaniel said...

you will never top the snoasis. there was a period last summer where i was working near there, and i was eating at the snoasis 2+ times a rules my world.

Meredith said...

I had a disgusting sno cone the other day. It tasted like the freezer with a little bit of sugar. gross. Hope you find a good one!

solidcommagirl said...

you really need to check out ella good's shaved ice. trust me on this one.