Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Vacation Reports

So we did some other fun things while Steph was here. On Thursday night we got to hang out with our new married friends, the Christophersons. After eating at Koko kitchen, we went over to Gilgal Gardens to check out some freaky religious sculptures. I had been here a few years ago with Nathaniel and the Emilys, and let me just say that they did a great job of cleaning the place up.

The happy couple:
With Brother Joseph:
On Saturday, Steph and I went to Summerfest in Orem. She was particularly excited because of the ferris wheel that they had.
The view from the top:

Another day we checked out the wildlife at the Bean Museum on campus. It felt like we were on an African Safari.
What's up Crocodile?!

Whats up everyone!?

Okay thats it, there were plenty of other things done, but no visual proof. Still, they were totally awesome.


steph said...

Rob, stop trying to pretend all these adventures happened over just one week. It's obvious these pictures comprise a years worth of memories. You're not fooling anyone.

rob said...

i love inside jokes. I hope that I can be a part of one some day.

Cindy said...

You guys make me want to barf with all your happiness.

nathaniel said...

every time i go into the bean museum i think of that scene from ace ventura: when nature calls when he says "this is a lovely chamber of death!"

ashleigh said...

i love the history of the ferris wheel. 1893! the chicago world's fair! (i bet i sound like such a doof, but seriously it is all so interesting!)

Cache said...

that last sentence made me really miss dale. what a shooting star he was.

Nations of Jorgensen said...

Rob I laughed outloud seeing you greet all the dead animals, I could hear you saying it in my head. And about Mike leaving, you lost him but I found him. It's so good to have him in the state--I'm never letting Provo reclaim him.