Saturday, June 9, 2007

operation lets do this utah (update 1)

So I have been in the throngs of teaching and data collecting for my thesis, all in the hopes that I can meet my utah extradition deadline. In order to aid in this process, and to make sure that I am getting enough R&R, I imported a research assistant from Seattle -- her name is Stephanie.

Today, after getting a massive amount of samples collected from a statistics class and eating a massive amount of Ice Cream cones from Macey's (highly recommended), we decided to get cracking on the rest of the list from "Operation let's do this utah".

Todays task was ghost towns. We headed down to Eureka -- which funnily enough I had been to on two previous occasions, and learned that it was a stronghold for methamphetamines in Utah.

Here is my research assistant on the main street.

She's cute...I mean, she is really good at entering data into SPSS.

Eureka is not much of a ghost town. In fact the guy at the general store where I bought a Pepsi Summer mix told me that Eureka was growing with commuters.

The side of his store had a cool old sign.

He also told us that Porter Rockwell's cabin was in town. I thought I had missed it before, but it turns out they brought the thing into town on a big truck. Porter Rockwell had a cool beard. I, unfortunately, do not:

He also told us where we could find some cool abandoned ghosts and stuff. We hiked around for a bit, but couldn't find much.

Stephanie, shouldn't you be crunching numbers?

This is an old something. We checked, there were no ghosts inside.

Sometimes the research assistant tried to get a little too friendly with her gangster pose.

While we didn't find a ton of ghosts or towns, we found some areas ripe for tagging. Stephanie shows off her latest masterpiece. Word!

Oh and technically we saw some mines so you can cross that off the mission list as well. Yes!

The exciting news is that Steph will be here all week. More adventures to follow...


aliciadiane said...

it's fun to see what you guys are up to...keep posting pictures of your cute assistant:)

Veronica said...

Did you see any dogs on roofs? That's seriously ALL I saw in Eureka. The only human I saw was a teenager walking down the street screaming. Easily could have been a ghost. What I'm saying is that as far as I'm concerned that place is still creep town.

nathaniel said...

stephanie, shouldn't you be telling rob to move here already so we can eat at gordito's every night?

stephanie said...

nathaniel, who needs rob?