Saturday, March 10, 2007

I think... (Spiral Jetty)

I will make a list of places in Utah that I need to visit before I blow this joint. We decided that the weather was getting nice, and today was as good as any day to start on the list, so we made the venture up to the spiral jetty.

Jessica is driving. Over her shoulder are cargo things on trains. Mike told us that his grandpa came up with the idea to stack them....Prove it!!

On the way to the spiral jetty, you can stop off at Golden Spike national park. It is where the transcontinental railroad was completed. Jessica is representing the Union Pacific railroad, while Mike is representing the Central Pacific.

Oh yeah. And there is no golden spike there. It is in some museum...I think it is time for a namechange.

After the museum you have to drive a while to get to the jetty, but sometimes we would get views like this and other times we would talk to cows.

After driving forever on the rockiest road ever we got to the jetty. Only to find out that it had sunk. Bogus!!

If you can't tell, it is in the shape of a spiral.

Then I took a picture of myself because I don't like asking people to take pictures of me. I just got my hair cut -- don't worry mom.

Then we found some junk. I totally couldn't figure out why people would come out to that area and leave their big buoys. But jessica figured out that it was to stand on.

Then I found this formation. It was kind of like a pier and kind of like a house, but it is in the middle of nowhere. I think aliens have something to do with it.

All in all, we were left with a lot of unsolved mysteries (cue Robert Stack), and full bellies from big bacon burgers in Ogden.

Phase one of Operation let's do this Utah is complete.

Stay tuned for future missions, including:

National Parks
Ghost Towns
Dugway Proving Grounds

Feel free to offer mission suggestions and/or invite yourself to be a part of an expedition.


libby said...

have you ever been to the dinosaur park in Vernal?
i hear there is also a kick-a petting zoo around there too (petting animals, not dinosaurs)

rob said...

i have been to vernal, and noticed there were a lot of dinosaur things, but didn't go to the dinosaur park. I don't know if I really want to make the trip out there again, unless it is like jurassic park.

Meredith said...

My mom dis-located her shoulder at lagoon and I got in trouble with the cops at the mere age of nine so naturally, I am down for that. Here are my only other suggestions(all taken from my memories of field trips growing up):

hogle zoo
tracy aviary

rob said...

I haven't been to the new planetarium, do they still have laser shows? I think I went to laser u2 once.

I will definitely have to go to the zoo, but where is the aviary?

libby said...

it's in Liberty Park, the one with the big pond and tons of geese and ducks. i've almost gone like 5 times.

Meredith said...

Libby is right. I don't remember the aviary being too exciting though. The laser shows still exist. They have a Pink Floyd show that my cousin has been dying to go to. I just found out there is an aquarium in Sandy that has a petting zoo. Thats gold. Thought I would pass it along.

Jessica Jane said...

you forgot the highlight of the car trip being your patented dance move the "takin' the camera off bi-otch".

it was a fun day, and in the end we only found minor damage to my car.

veeda said...

Mei wants to come.

rob said...

oh mei, we have a date. seriously.

libby said...

oh oh one more suggestion. cascade springs. pretty awesome.