Wednesday, March 28, 2007

oh forget...

this thesis thing. I am doing this.

I mean really -- how would this even fly in a department.

"Oh Dr. Randle, so I changed my topic for my thesis...oh and by the way, it is finished and here it is."

Is it like a thesis sweatshop?


stephanie said...

and you just happened to come across this when performing an innocent google search on some other topic besides, "someone else write my thesis for me."


rob said...

I swear all I was looking for was some formatting issues. I really can't beleive that someone would do this. What I also can't beslieve is that there are PhD students who are actually writing these things -- I hate writing my own, why would I want to write someone else's?

veeda said...

Seriously, one thesis is bad enough. Everyday Brendan hates it more and more.

Maybe those PhD students are writing their doctorate on "How I made bank writing thesises that are not my own."

ZLB said...

oh man, that is a gold mine. let's both sign up and then take a long bike trip instead of having to write!!! genius!!! p.s. sorry I didn't stay for the dancing last night. . .I hope it was rock star success