Sunday, March 18, 2007

national corndog day...

is that really a holiday?

I went to a party tonight and that's all that there was to eat.

oh, and this guy provided the entertainment.


libby said...

no joke: he is my home teacher.

nathaniel said...

are you serious? really? oh man, that would be so cool. remember when he used to come over and watch us practice.

hubba hubba hubba who do you trust!

abigayl said...

BEEEEE MONEY!!!! dude...i know this guy. I was over at his house the other day. He was so bummed the whole time because he left some of his lyrics at the bank. (he frequents the bank many times a week, probably every day) He rapped for me,and also cleaned off part of the couch so I could sit down.
Oh he also made me watch like half of back to the future just to show me one line which is his new catch phrase.
Older creepy Biff---"No Catch....just keep it a secret.."