Thursday, April 5, 2007

so i...

had this really weird dream last night. I was at some sort of conference and there were all these bands playing there as well as stand-up comedians. And then I was one of the stand up comedians. I told some really bad jokes about indie bands, but somehow I remember them pretty vividly:

So in my dream I saw that explosions in the sky was playing but I missed them, I was pretty angry.

"So did anyone go see explosions in the sky?"
some shouts from the crowd, "yeah"
"Instrumental bands are funny. I think that band used to have lyrics, but then they decided to get rid of them when people told them that songs about the Wrath of Khan aren't cool"

I think that one got the most laughs

Then I told some Hot Topic joke and offended half the audience and they left. Seriously, I think the joke was "So, whats the deal with hot topic?"

Also in the dream. I was at a barbeque, and one of my students was stealing some rotisserie chicken by shoving it into his jacket. Oh and Jenna Fischer (Pam from the Office) was there, and I was trying to hit on her. But I think she was gettting married to John Krasinski (Jim from the Office).

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't share my dreams anymore.

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nathaniel said...

dude, that explosions in the sky joke is seriously funny. i'm gonna have to steal that bit!