Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Valentine's Day Cookie

Now while mine and Stephanie's Valentine's plans weren't impressive by any means -- Her gift to me was really wonderful. She made me a Smart Cookie out of two of my favorite things: Ginger Molasses cookies (sooooo good!) and coconut ice cream (so gooood!). When they were put together they were pretty much the best thing ever -- I have pictures to prove it:

Do I really look like that when I am eating?!? Oh well.


aliciadiane said...

yes, rob bob you do look like that when you eat. we still like you. jk! (about the eating part, we will always like you). coconut ice cream sounds like my worst nightmare, maybe not now since I am doing no sugar, that would be easy for me to not eat. good job on the smart cookie, it looks good. i will be having a real smart cookie, not a fake next month, i hope. see you soon.

Meredith said...

I have been dreaming about that cookie ever since I read this the first time. Yes, I realize how fat kid that makes me sound but really, I want that cookie.