Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jobs and Such

Yo Peeps. As if getting married recently wasn't enough excitement in my life (it is!), I recently quit another job. Here is the story behind it:

Ever since I graduated from school, I have wanted to get back into it. Seriously, the time that I spent at BYU was so awesome, and the jobs that I had as a graduate student were the best ever. I loved teaching -- and despite the fact that I am not the greatest at it, I wanted to get back into it.

When I moved to Seattle, I was desperately looking for a job. I looked for teaching spots, but there are relatively few community colleges in the area that have any course of study that I would be an expert on (Mass Comm, Video/Film, Saved by the Bell), and the ones that did really didn't have any openings.

But randomly, before the wedding, I found a job posting for a teaching position at a Technical College in Kirkland. It was in the Video Production department -- I really didn't have any intention of leaving my current job, but decided to apply just for the heck of it (putting my resume together the night before the wedding while watching "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" with James). After all, there are a few teaching jobs that I could take, so this would be the perfect opportunity to get in and get some experience at the community college/technical college level.

I got a call while on my honeymoon for an interview.

At my first interview I talked too much and didn't think I did very well. But I got another interview -- apparently they liked me and offered me the job. I am the newest Full Time Faculty in the Multimedia Design and Production Department at Lake Washington Technical College.

So now I am taking another road that I didn't anticipate, but that I have always wanted. Today is day number two (I start teaching Monday) and I am scared out of my mind. There are so many unknowns, so many areas where I don't have a clue, but this time I am determined to not let that scare me away.

Wish me luck!


Jessica Jane said...

ROB! That is super exciting! I know you will do great...of course it will be tough at first, its a HUGE transition. U R the best, never forget that kid. PS. I miss you and the wifey. Love, Jessica

Eva said... all sounds wonderful. congratulations!

Anonymous said...

You'll be great! They're going to love you, how could they not?

darcie said...

ah yeah! you show them who's boss. you are.

btw, we seriously considered coming to your wedding but decided adam's cousin who was married the same day wouldn't really appreciate that choice.