Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I would like to say that my ten days on the island of Ha'apai still continue to change me, but the problem is that I often forget. At the time, it had definitely changed me. The three of us were living with a family there. They had given us the nicest room in the house, their room to be exact, while they slept on thatched mats in the front room. Everyday we would do nothing but watch as they served us -- spending their entire day preparing our meals, a pig and some roots. The best meals I have ever eaten. We could communicate only with a few of the children, they were forced to learn English at their schools. We would go out with the oldest son, exploring the jungle, the beach, and swimming in the clearest ocean that I have ever imagined.

And then there was Fatafehi -- the youngest girl. She had the most amazing uni-brow and would tell me hourly "Lopeti, kai koi", which I think is roughly translated to: "Rob, I am going to eat you!"

I loved that little girl with all of my heart.


adrienne said...
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steph said...

The installation of this blog is the best news of my day.

I'm impressed with the chorus of boys in the back of the truck...such stable phonation, vocal resonance and tone - I wonder if it was representative of their optimal or habitual pitch(do I sound like I know what I'm talking abt?).