Monday, February 26, 2007

what a movie should be

So I think the greatest thing about the movie was the idea that we had behind it. It came about because we were going to show the awesome Thai martial arts film Ong Bak in a market right in front of our house. This was going to be a huge event, Scott even had gotten on the radio to tell people about it. As a bonus, we decided that we wanted to make a short film involving members of the community to play before the film. We spent the afternoon shooting it -- it was a lot of fun, and frik was a great sport about it -- even when we asked him to be affectionate towards a girl in public (this is kind of a no-no in thai culture). We did all the sound effects with our mouths, and the whole rotee in the eye was probably the inspiration for the corn in the eye on Nacho Libre. In the end we felt that we had constructed a new model for films -- a user created construction by a community for a community.

I think about 4 people showed up.

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