Tuesday, May 22, 2007

germany to germany

So if anyone was wondering where I was last week, I was in germany. I went to work on a film with a friend and one of my professors. Here are some pictures (sorry, there are no pictures of me):

I thought I would be staying with families, but I actually got my own room at a little hotel in a nearby village Bosleben. I liked my room, it came with my own bathroom and a television perfect for watching Zoolander in German.

That whole metal thing is the flusher. Finally I can flush with power.

So the film is about a church in Dornheim where Bach was married. A professor from the BYU goes there every now and then to record cds and give conserts. The people in the area were really hooked on Bach.

Here are my partners in crime.
This is the path that Bach walked on when he got married.

Cole, now famous from MTV2:

Paul -- nice, but can be kind of stinky (especially after Bratwurst).

Professor Cutri, stealer of my iPod.

We were fed by an awesome family, the Poppitz'. This is their dog Amadeus (so I guess they like Mozart, too)

The front entrance of the church in Dornheim:

The church:

An awesome radio:

After we finished the film, we had one day in Frankfurt before we went home. I didn't know what to see, but ended up seeing some churches:

and this rotating table

and some more churches:

Really the churches were the only old buildings standing. Everything else was destroyed in the war. I kind of went everywhere in Frankfurt with a guilt complex -- I didn't mean to destroy all of your architectural history.

Chris gives money to the worst statue guy in history.

I liked this building, they sing opera in it.

Well, that was my trip. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them because I am bad at documenting such adventures.


-annabelle said...

i love those flushes.
now i'm homesick.
thanks rob.

Veronica said...

hey, i had chris cutri for a class once. i like that guy.

p.s. since you hang out with your professors, does that mean my little sister is going to start hanging out with you?