Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sorry its been so long since I've blogged. I've been busy with other stuff like the podcast and work.

So yesterday was Halloween, I didn't dress up, but Jane told us that we usually get a bunch of trick or treaters in our neighborhood. Upon hearing this, Nathaniel and I went out and bought a bunch of Candy. And once we had the candy, this is what we did. We waited...and waited...
No one ever showed up. Forget Halloween, I hate trick or treaters anyway.

So if you don't know, Stephanie and I are poor, so we've been taking advantage of the fact that most museums in Seattle are free on the first Thursday. Last month we did the Seattle Art Museum and the month before that the EMP. This month we did the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.

They have lots of planes at this museum.

In addition to planes, the museum has some awesome things like...

Carl Sagan's turtleneck.

I liked the inside of a space shuttle.

We are looking down on Earth...or are we on Earth...hmmmm?

Then we took our turn at landing the space shuttle. I didn't want to say anything, but Stephanie totally crashed.
While I made a perfect landing.
But the best part of the museum was stuff that you really don't need a museum for.

Stephanie with a mustache and a random kid:

Me as Major Tom:

My favorite ever:


aliciadiane said...

So fun! Steph looks good in space!

stephanie said...

I felt like I was playing Mario Cart when I was trying to land the space shuttle. Video games make me anxious (my excuse for killing my space exhibition crew).

Jane Says said...

I swear we usually get so many kids at Halloween! It's because we didn't have a big party this year!! I have two free tickets to the grand Museum of History and Industry if you want them! We have the Audubon Exhibit open right now!

stephanie said...

OOh! let's go to Jane's museum!

Nations of Jorgensen said...

Hey Rob, since you're employed by kong tv AND all into media and stuff, what'd you think of the fcc hearings in seattle? -jenn