Monday, March 9, 2009


but I won't join your Facebook group that is calling for the boycott of HBO because they are showing Temple stuff on Big Love.

I never know how to feel about situations like this...does it mean that I am apathetic?

But I do like the answer that the Church's PR machine has churned out:


stephanie said...

Seriously great commentary (from the church PR). And those references/examples - so hip.

Are you going to email the person on facebook who invited you? Come on, man up!

scuz said...

wow. that is great to read. so you're didn't like the forwarded email i sent you? j/k. it seems like everyone likes dram whether they watch hbo or like to protest what they portray in their shows. its nice to hear the church's no-drama stance.

Nations said...

true that.

Jefe said...

true that that.