Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fun things I did this week

So this week was my first official week living in Seattle. This place is so fantastic (when the weather is fantastic), so please everyone come and sleep on our couch (but not all at once).

Tuesday was the great Stephanie's birthday. So in honor, we ate some awesome food at Agua Verde and rented a canoe on Lake Washington. About a half hour into our trip, my arms were hurting really bad, then Stephanie comments "Does this seem really easy to you?" I come to find out that she had hardly been paddling. Oh Stephanie, you are so silly, and from the looks of the photo below, quite stoic.

We found out last month that a lot of the museums in town are free on the first thursday of each month. This month we decided to go to the EMP / Science Fiction Museum.

One of the exhibits was probably one of my most favorite things ever. Sound and Vision is an oral history projects with a bunch of music pioneers.
There were so many to watch, so I just watched Calvin Johnson talk about Mudhoney.
And Sir Mix-a-lot talk about "Posse on Broadway" and "Baby Got Back". I'm so glad that someone is preserving these things.
But the best part was that they had a personal history booth where individuals could go in and talk about their experiences with music, science fiction and popular culture.

Then they even had a place where they played a few of them. This kid was talking about Star Wars and stuff -- so incredibly awesome. I went into the booth, only to have it break 30 seconds into talking about my first Elliot Smith show.

Seattle and free museum nights are the best things ever. Next month: either the Museum of Flight or the Seattle Art Museum

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