Monday, September 3, 2007

planet of ice

So I know that the name might be deceiving, but a quick update. So last week for my graduation present, Stephanie took me here.While I was waiting for her I found this guy manning the information booth, which was actually a segway. I thought it was pretty fantastic.
Here was our view, it was fantastic. Hooray for Stephanie for being the best significant other ever!

So today to celebrate the working class we drove up into the mountains to go on a hike to some place called "the Ice Caves". However, a short while into our hike, the trail ended abruptly, like so.
We found out that we would have to cross to the other side on this log.

When we finally got to the ice caves they looked like this.

When Steph's sister Monica gets unruly she likes to splash water onto Steph.
Facebook profile photo.
Followed by series of lovey dovey shots.

Oh. and I finally moved into my house. I am now officially a Seattle resident. Yeahh! Plus my mom alerted me that I was in for some fantastic times ahead according to my horoscope.


aliciadiane said...

Good post Rob! Welcome to Seattle. I am glad you had fun with my sisters. I miss you all.

stephanie said...

Why is this post called Planet of Ice? Am I missing a joke? How's the elbow?

Jefe said...

Well that narrows the awesome Utah County to one, now I have to find out who that "one" is.

Jefe said...

That is Awesome Utah County Resident.