Monday, August 20, 2007


So last week I took a break from desperately looking for a job to do this. It was pretty cool, despite the fact that I haven't really finished (theses don't defend themselves).

Young Sister Farrar surprised me in advanced by skipping her last two days of school to be there for the big event, once again proving that she is a fantastic girl to have around.

Here is an awkward moment from convocation, I felt like I was on that stage forever waiting for them to call my name.

I love jessica!!

What's the fun of getting a master's degree when you can't actually put the hood on? We'll change that (Many geeky jedi jokes followed).

It mostly reminded me of this:

Has anyone ever heard the legend that if you run past the statue of Brigham at night he will do the funky chicken?

Now, back to the real world


solidcommagirl said...

we are all so proud of you Rob. now, go forth to serve!

-annabelle said...

sorry i bailed out on the picture taking after... my parents got a little overly excited and kidnaped me.