Thursday, August 2, 2007

i think I'll head home

yeah, so I left provo. I'm sorry if that was a surprise for anyone, but a series of events made me really want to go home, and I didn't have much left to do there, so I left. Things have been fabulous here. I am living at home until I can move into my house in Seattle next month, which can be pretty boring, but at the same time you could have a fabulous day like today.

Last night, my nephews decided that they wanted to stay over at the house. My nephews are a little weird and often do things like this for fun.

This morning we woke up and went to the waterfront park. Thus they begin their battle.

The best thing about the park is realizing that kids will be entertained by rock throwing for hours.

Until spears are shaped and things become somewhat Lord of the Flies-like.

Kind of like American Gladiators. But more primal.

On the dock, the boys spent most of their time trying to spear tiny fish with their sticks.

This photo kind of turned out cool without me trying.

Later on the dock, we got down to business.

Simon: Torsten is trying to make out with it
Me: Do you guys know what making out is.
Torsten: Yeah, its like kissing a lot.
Me: Yeah, I guess.
Simon: Do you and Stephanie make out?
Me: (no comment)

later on...

Torsten: If you keep looking at a girl in the face that's when you know if there is romance.

Later on I played Wii with Torsten and subsequently got really frustrated because he was really totally creaming me at this baseball game. I mean really frustrated -- childish also.

Oh and another part about being in Washington:

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stephanie said...

no comment

nathaniel said...

hm. i'm thinking i need to hang out more with torsten. maybe i could learn something?